Apply for the 2015-2016 Tutu Fellowship Cycle

Deadline: April 1, 2015


The goal of the Desmond Tutu Center for Peace, Reconciliation, and Global Justice Faculty and Student Fellows Program is to encourage and support work that aligns with the mission of the Center. The program is open to projects that involve and engage faculty and students of Butler University and Christian Theological Seminary. Project proposals that involve any combination of the themes of peace, reconciliation, or global justice, broadly defined, are welcomed. 

Application Process:

Submit a project plan that includes a project summary and research plan.

Proposals will be reviewed by the DTC Faculty Advisory Committee. The number of projects/fellows approved in a given year will be dependent upon the amount of funding available.

*Research projects involving human subjects must have Institutional Review Board approval.

Each project summary must contain:

  • Clear statement on how the project aligns with the mission of the DTC and its potential to:
    • Enhance scholarship of teaching, research and service related to one or all of the following: cultivating research; promoting the exchange and understanding of global issues; development of young leaders; nurturing concern for justice and peacemaking; building communication and engagement among civic, religious, and academic leaders
  • Impact the local and global discourse around peace, reconciliation and global justice

Each research plan must contain:

  • The timeline for conducting the project
  • Plans for dissemination of the results (e.g., publications, presentations, policy briefs, performances, working papers, etc.)
  • Clear explanation of how the completed project will be assessed
  • The likelihood of completion during the fellowship period
  • The projects potential to interest scholars in similar disciplines
  • The contribution it will make to the applicant’s career development
  • Budget that details the amount you are asking for as well as the amount you are requesting for student workers

Additional requirements:

  • Please include your resume or CV with your application
  • Disclose funds you are receiving from other entities for the proposed project (note: the Desmond Tutu Center has the option to pull funding if alternate funding sources conflict with the mission of the Center)
  • Disclose dates of sabbaticals planned during the fellowship year


  • CTS/Butler Faculty are eligible for $1500 in support which may be taken as a research stipend or used to pay for research related travel and expenses.
  • CTS/Butler Students are eligible for a $500 stipend per student per semester (or summer) with a maximum of $1500 per student.

Faculty and students from other institutions collaborating on projects with Butler and CTS faculty may be named Tutu Center Fellows, but are not currently eligible for funding. Funding may be provided for one to two years. However, faculty members may continue to carry the title of “Fellow” and their affiliation with the DTC beyond the expiration of the funding.

Please note that the DTC retains the right to revoke a Tutu Fellowship title upon an illegal or unethical finding by either Butler University or Christian Theological Seminary’s policies or standards.

BU Note: Butler faculty and students are encouraged to apply for other travel funding to support both research activity and presentation of findings through the Office of the Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and through other university sources. CTS faculty and students may seek additional support through the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean.

Outcome Reporting:

  • At the end of the fellowship period a written report on activities and accomplishments is expected along with a presentation to the community. Presentations should be scheduled in conjunction with the DTC.
  • In any publication or presentations that result from the project “The Desmond Tutu Center for Peace, Reconciliation, and Global Justice” should be recognized as supporting the project.

Proposals (recommended length 2-5 pages) should be emailed to

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