What All Americans Need to Know About ISIS/ISIL

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Thank you to everyone who came out on this cold Thursday to hear this talk!

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For the video and summary, please visit us again in two weeks from February 19th, 2015.

About the talk:

ISIS/ISIL poses a threat not only to the United States and the international world as a whole, but also to the collective perspective of the religion of Islam, especially in the west. The Desmond Tutu Center was pleased to feature Franklin College philosophy and religion professor Dr. David Carlson, to present a talk entitled “What All Americans Need to Know about ISIS.” The purpose of the talk was to educate the community about the group ISIS. Dr. Carlson provided a brief historical background on how events in the Middle East since 1978, including American involvement in Iraq and the Syrian War, helped create an environment allowing ISIS to grow and flourish. Also among the topics of discussion were steps nations, including the United States, could potentially take in the region. Ayesha Butt provided a Muslim perspective of the situation.

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