Is Equality and Justice for All?

When: Thursday February 26th, 2015, 6-8p.m.

Where: Krannert Room at Clowes Memorial Hall, Butler University

In light of the recent events unfolding across our country, “Is Equality and Justice for All” will examine whether a tenant that was fundamental to the inception of our nation still holds true today. Through a panel discussion, we will explore current issues that include racial profiling, excessive use of force by law enforcement, police militarization, and the legalities around these issues. We will also explore our nation’s reaction to theses issues and focus on constructive steps forward. The panel will include legal experts and law enforcement personnel. Desmond Tutu Center Executive Director, Allan Boesak, will close the discussion and invite attendees to participate in a Q and A session, giving participants a platform to be heard by community leaders.


  • Douglas Hairston, Minister and Director of Mayor Ballard’s Front Porch Alliance.
  • Terri Jett, PhD, ACLU Indiana Board President and Associate Professor of Political Science at Butler University.
  • David Shaheed, JD, Superior Court Judge, Marion County
  • Robert Turner, JD, former police officer and Director of Public Safety for Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

A moderator will ask panelists five questions around the theme of equality and justice. Each panelist will have two minutes to respond. Panelists will be encouraged to share their own personal narratives to or to elaborate on the nation’s reaction to the recent events. We will also encourage panelists will focus on constructive steps forward we as a community/nation can take. DTC Executive Director, Allan Boesak (world renown anti-apartheid activist), will close the discussion.

This is a collaboration between the Desmond Tutu Center and Butler University’s Black Student Union, Butler University’s Demia, a Women’s Social Justice Group, and Christian Theological Seminary’s Black Student Caucus.

Pictured: Douglas Hairston, Terri Jett, David Shaheed and Robert Turner

Douglas HairstonTerri-Jett-photo_ShaheedRobert Turner

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