Outspoken and Out Open: A Night of Spoken Words and Poetry

When:April 19, 5:00-6:00p.m.

Where: Schrott Center For the Performing Arts, Butler University

The Desmond Tutu Center spoken work program, “Outspoken and Out Open: A Night of Spoken Words and Poetry” will feature spoken word artists from various communities, faith backgrounds, and orientations. Each artist will give a performance related to the Butler ArtFest theme: Outlaws and Outsiders. The Desmond Tutu Center is committed to building bridges between communities by creating platforms for new voices and perspectives to be heard. Spoken word is an incredibly powerful tool for communicating ideas and viewpoints you may be unfamiliar with. Please join us for a night that is sure to be as entertaining as it is introspective. 

Free Registration: DTCspokenword.eventbrite.com

Watch the Trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsQ20vgkpLQ

Featuring these artists:

mattMatthew Davis aka Matt Davis
loves connecting with people through art on a level that is as direct and open as possible. Performance art has always been the medium that helps him speak to realities that all kinds of people face but don’t have the outlet to speak about.



amaniaAminah Dzananovic performs with her high school poetry slam team “Tribe Called West” and made it to the top 4 in the “Louder Than A Bomb Competition.” She hopes to inspire young Muslim girls to have a strong voice and positive presence in America.



raeRae Karim is a poet and graduate of Christian Theological Seminary with big plans to get young people around the country talking, healing, and transforming.



brettRabbi Brett Krichiver explores the theater of ritual, and the ritual of theater through traditional Jewish services and modern drama.  He is most interested in the Jewish tradition of “Iyyunim”: spoken word pieces performed during creative religious services designed to explore spiritual themes and questions of identity.  He is the Senior Rabbi of Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation.


LatifahLatifah Muhammad can sing, rap and write poetry. She has been writing poetry since she was 10 yrs old. After deciding to showcase her talent, she has been performing regularly around Atlanta’s hot spots. “I perform because there are a few young African American women that are not conforming to society’s expectations. I want to prove that you can be yourself and still get support.”


daniaDania Noghnogh is a student at UIC Chicago who describes herself as a “mix-culture, first generation mutt.” Though she was born and bred in the city of Chicago, her heart will forever belong to the streets of Damascus.



callieRev. Callie Smith is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) who believes art and faith can bring meaning to each other.



carolineCaroline Rothstein is a New York City-based spoken word poet, journalist, body empowerment advocate, and arts educator. She performs, speaks, and facilitates workshops at colleges, schools, and organizations nationwide, and hosts the widely viewed YouTube series “Body Empowerment.”


teresaTeresa Webb, an Anishinaabe Kwe, writes poetry and tells stories to promote Native American culture and spirituality.



J. Ali Mansa is a local businessman and young leader in the Indianapolis Muslim Community. Mansa has stated that spoken word is ‘an outlet for the passions, thoughts, and heart of a poet to be expressed and painted resplendently with words’. Mansa spoken word is centered largely around religious and socio-political themes.

Plus more performers!




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