Is Equality and Justice For All?

Is Equality and Justice For All?

Douglas Hairston

Terri-Jett-photo_ShaheedRobert Turner






Pictured from left to right: Douglas Hairston, Terri Jett, David Shaheed and Robert Turner

In light of the recent events unfolding across our country, “Is Equality and Justice for All” examined whether a tenant that was fundamental to the inception of our nation still holds true today. Through a panel discussion, we explored current issues that include racial profiling, excessive use of force by law enforcement, police militarization, and the legalities around these issues. We also explored our nation’s reaction to theses issues and focus on constructive steps forward. The panel included legal experts and law enforcement personnel that included Douglas Hairston, Minister and Director of Mayor Ballard’s Front Porch Alliance; Terri Jett, PhD, ACLU Indiana Board President and Associate Professor of Political Science at Butler University; David Shaheed, JD, Superior Court Judge, Marion County; and Robert Turner, JD, former police officer and Director of Public Safety for Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. Alaa Wafa, Associate Counsel at Cummins Inc., moderated the session. The event was a collaborative effort of Christian Theological Seminary’s Black Student Caucus, Butler University’s Black Student Union and Demia, and the Desmond Tutu Center.

Click here for an extended recap of the discussion.

Click here to watch a video recording of the discussion.

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