Youth Fellows Open House

On Saturday, April 2nd, the first Cohort in the Youth Fellows Initiative gathered as a group with Desmond Tutu Center and Peace Learning Center staff. An entertaining game of “The Wind Blows” directed by Jay Horan from the Peace Learning Center, allowed all of us to get up and move and learn facts about each other that you cannot see from the outside. We learned some of us are vegetarian, some fellows love the color blue, flying in a plane is not something we’ve all experienced, and most of all we that we are each uniquely inspired to be advocates for social change in our local and global communities.

IMG_5151DTC Managing Director, Waseema Ali and Program Coordinator, Allison Troutner guided the group through the goals and expectations of the Initiative as well as travel information for the educational tour to South Africa in July. While the itinerary is still tentative, the trip plans to include trips to Table Mountain, Robben Island, the District 6 museum, and local townships; however most of the stay will be help at Volmoed, a lush farm in Hermanus, a town two hours outside of Cape Town, South Africa. During their time their, our Fellows will be working alongside a group of South African Youth. Both will be learning lessons on peace and reconciliation directed by Cape Town local professors, John De Guchy and Edwin Arrison.

We have two more upcoming sessions with the students including an over-night team-building and workshop meet-up in May and a diversity education workshop in June. Within these sessions (as well as outside of with their mentors) the Fellows will further develop their social justice idea for change into a project to implement into the community, they will build stronger relationships with each other and community members relevant to their project, and overall gain a deeper insight into being leaders for social justice in Indianapolis.

We are very excited to being working with these Youth more closely as their projects develop. Continue to visit our website, join our newsletter and like our social media as we continue to update you on the progress of our 2016-2017 Youth Fellows Program.

Read the full details of the Open House here.


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