Books and Breakfast: Angela Davis: An Autobiography

4135SCQWFTLOn Saturday, April 2, 2016, the Desmond Tutu Center for Peace, Reconciliation and Global Justice, along with the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center and Butler University’s Political Science Department held the third monthly Books and Breakfast gathering. This month, the Books and Breakfast program read Angela Davis: An Autobiography. Members of the community came to participate in the discussion, which gave way to excellent conversation. The discussion revolved around several topics such as group law-breaking and its consequences, oppression versus liberation in the marketplace, and the nuances of criminality and revolutionism. Children enjoyed coloring pictures of Angela Davis and learning about who she was while adult guests participated in the larger dialogue. The conversation closed with a provocative discussion centered around women as leaders of groups.   

The diverse backgrounds, ages, and life experiences of the community members helped pave the way for stimulating and intellectual conversation. A question posed by a participant, “What makes you angry when you look at society and politics today?” turned out to be a common and recurring theme throughout the discussion. The dialogue didn’t stop at summarizing Davis’ autobiography, but tied the themes and symbols in Davis’ autobiography into modern day political issues, including both local and national politics. Participants discussed what it might be like for Davis to become a young political activist in today’s climate, the price individuals have to pay to be a part of counterculture, and changes that should be made in our criminal justice system. These questions provoked critical thinking and examining of our own culture in regards to political activism and social movements.

We have enjoyed tremendously seeing local faces from the community join us for our Books and Breakfast program these past few months.  Each month on a Saturday morning we grow into a stronger, united community as we discuss prominent issues as presented through critical and provoking literature. We look forward to more incredible community conversation around relevant topics. We’ll see you at the next Books and Breakfast!

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