September 18, Table Conversations at Indy Festival of Faiths

September 18, 3-5p.m., Veterans Memorial Plaza

As advancements in technology continue, face-to- face dialogue is beginning to feel like a relic of the past. Table Conversations are a way to talk with members of our Indianapolis community, consisting of diverse backgrounds, faith traditions, and social orientations, in a small round table environment about issues that affect our community. With the backdrop and diversity of the CIC’s Indy Festival of Faiths, these Table Conversations will illuminate how people of different backgrounds and beliefs feel about pertinent issues that face our community today.

Why table conversations?

Citizens have valuable knowledge and perspectives critical to developing and sustaining a healthy, vibrant community. These Table Conversations will provide a platform for concerned citizens of different traditions and faith backgrounds to come together and talk about the issues affecting our community. By creating a space for structured conversations led by facilitators, participants can share their opinions and experiences in a focused and meaningful manner. These conversations will also provide insight into how we can best serve in a manner that is truly reflective of the needs, desires, and priorities of the people we engage.


*Please note, this event is free but we request registration for this event.

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Table Topics

Religious Freedom and its Limits.  An Indiana mother recently defended beating her young child because her religion taught her to do just that.  This table will explore the limits of religious freedom by discussing this and similar cases. Conversation led by Don Knebel.

Patriotism vs. Protest. NFL player Colin Kaepernick has sparked controversy by refusing to stand during the National Anthem. How should symbols of the country such as flag and anthem be treated in light of systemic injustice in the country? Conversation to be led by Pierre Atlas. 

The Refugee Crisis From the Inside. Two college students — a Syrian-Hoosier and an Iraq Christian refugee — explore the experience of refugees from the Middle East. Conversation led by Lynn Alsatie and Samer Toma.

Racism on College Campuses. A recent book calls college campuses “some of the most racially hostile spaces in the United States.” How can racism be prevented whie protecting free speech and open intellectual debate? Conversation led by Lang Brownlee. 

The Impact of Islamophobia on American Muslims. As anti-Muslim rhetoric increases, how are Muslims in America responding? How can non-Muslims best help them? Conversation led by Faryal Khatri and Hazem Bata. 

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