A Beautiful Thing

Yesterday evening when my daughter and I walked into a play area on the south side of Indianapolis, I witnessed a scene that filled me with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and joy.  Children were happily playing while parents were reading or relaxing.  As I stood watching my daughter Maeleah play, I realized how many beautiful shades and tones of skin were present.

                       A black man was there with his two little boys.

                       A Vietnamese man was there with his two little boys.

                       A woman with a head covering was there with her daughter.

                       A white man was there with his son.

I’ve experienced that kind of racial diversity at conferences and seminars and in other parts of the country and world – but to experience it in an everyday situation – I was in awe – what a beautiful thing!

As the kids continued running around making up games to play together, I tried to think of a way to open a conversation with one of the adults.  I decided to ask the Vietnamese man reading the newspaper if he had come across anything interesting.  He responded, “The most interesting thing is all the Burmese who have come here.”  He showed me the photograph accompanying the article and said, “This is so good.”  He went on to share how he had come to the United States from Vietnam after the war.  We continued to talk about how many of us in the United States are immigrants and how grateful we are for the diversity.  Then we continued in conversation about work and preschool and other such things.

As we all headed out to get home for bedtime routines, my heart was filled with hope and I gave thanks to the Creator of all for such a beautiful thing.


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A note from Sarah Haas..

The Desmond Tutu Center has given me hope. It has reminded me that many people are working for positive transformation in our local and global communities. I appreciate the DTC and its staff, so I was grateful to hear about the opportunity to be part of the DTC’s blogging team. As a person on a journey, I’m always thankful when I meet others who are willing to travel with me. My greatest hope is that I might be part of growing a little more peace and a little more compassion in the world. Each day I learn more about this from my family, friends, colleagues, community organizations, authors, and strangers. I look forward to learning from you as well.

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