May 25 – Lunch and Learn with Tutu Fellows Brooke Kandel-Cisco & Susan Adams

Welcoming Strangers, Finding Brothers and Sisters

May 25, 11a-12p, Atherton Union 326, Butler University, 4600 Sunset Ave, Indianapolis, IN

Fort Wayne and Indianapolis have settled the largest groups of Burmese refugees in recent years. Most Indianapolis residents are still unaware of the presence of refugees, the contributions refugees make to our community, and the immense challenges refugees experience in Indianapolis. The First Baptist Church’s experiences and learnings as they approach ten years of sharing life with Burmese refugees is the focus of this documentary. As a product of the Desmond Tutu Center Fellowship, this documentary was created as a provocation to foster greater awareness and to encourage public discourse around peace, reconciliation, and justice through civil, respectful, and enlightening cross-cultural interactions.

About Brooke Kandel-Cisco & Susan Adams and their Tutu Fellowship:

Dr. Kandel-Cisco is Associate Professor of Education and Director for the METL and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs at Butler University’s College of Education and Dr. Susan Adams, Assistant Professor of Education at Butler University’s College of Education and their co-Fellow,  Ms. May-Oo Mutraw, President of the Burmese Community Center for Education, have been named Tutu Fellows for their project “Welcoming New Neighbors, Finding Brothers and Sisters” that includes the creation of a documentary film featuring Burmese refugees living in Indianapolis and the faith communities that have welcomed them.  Videography assistance is provided by Butler University student researchers, Tim Valentine, Senior Digital Media Production (CCOM), and Josh Gaal, Senior Art and Design Major (JCA). Butler Graduate student of Effective Teaching and Leadership, Danielle Noonan, will also be assisting with research during the project. The documentary aims to raise local awareness of the Burmese community and engage faith communities in conversations that will foster interfaith cooperation and collaboration.

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