Bet You Can Guess What This Piece is About

Most writers start their articles with an introduction that gives a window into the subject matter of the piece. This introduction usually begins with a summary of what will be talked about in the article. However, sometimes the topic is obvious. I suspect that in looking at the three individuals shown in the above picture, it isn’t hard to guess the subject I’ve chosen to talk about today.

I want to note how much I’ve struggled with whether or not to write this. As a father of young children, my heart goes out to all three of these young people and their brave families. I can’t begin to imagine what these parents are going through in the aftermath of this kind of horror. Pure anger and a desire for vengeance is what I feel for the perpetrators who harmed them. But I simply cannot ignore what has been so obvious when these two sets of horrific situations are lined up with each other.

Black Lives Matter….      Do They?

Those two beautiful young girls pictured above are named Liberty German and Abigail Williams, ages 14 and 13 respectively. Earlier this year, on February 13th, they were reported missing. The next day, searchers found their bodies less than a mile away from where they were dropped off. As of today, almost a month later, despite thousands of tips, there have been no arrests.

What there has been however, is local Delphi Police Officers, State Police Officers, Federal Bureau of Investigations Officers, and a control center set up specifically to investigate this case. In addition, there have been rallies, fundraisers, and celebrity donations geared towards information leading to the apprehension of the piece of ……… responsible for harming these women. To date the reward has exceeded $200,000.

Attached here is a link of a recording made by Liberty German. Investigators say she had the wherewithal to turn on her phone’s videocamera and hit record when they encountered the man police believe killed her and her friend.

and then there’s Deshaun Lee Swanson…..

The cute and confident expression looking back at you in that photo was ten-year old Deshaun. Investigators say that back in September of 2015 he was senselessly murdered when someone fired an assault rifle into the home that he and his mother were visiting. In total four people were shot: 10 year old Deshaun, a 16 year old, and two adults. The other three victims survived. 10 year old Deshaun did not. Two years later, no arrests have been made. Here is a link providing information about the circumstances that lead up to his death.

But you know what else there was none of when it came to reactions after his death? No State Troopers, No FBI, No Command Center, No fundraisers, No Pat McAffee and Jim Irsay, and no reward of 200K for info to solve the murder of this young black boy… Why? Is the loss of one life more horrific than another? Do certain lives matter more in society than others? When talking about children, do the horrific deaths of two beautiful and innocent young white girls walking on a trail in a small town, matter more than the death of an innocent ten-year old black boy living in the urban area of a major city, who was killed in an equally horrific manner? What do we say about that? How are the two to be interpreted? Am I reading too much into it…making something out of nothing? Am I reading color into something that has absolutely nothing to do with color? Oftentimes the answers to these questions are best left to the reader to come to him or herself. The job with this piece is simply to provide the relevant information about these two horrific incidents and allow you to draw your own conclusions.

What I will say in closing is that we must treat every life of every child with concern and care. Every incident of this type must be addressed, investigated, and ultimately have its perpetrators brought to justice. Otherwise, the care, attention, and notoriety shown will scream that some lives matter, while the apathy, dismissal, and lack of attention shown to others will whisper that their lives, quite frankly, do not.


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Brishon was born and raised in Hammond, Indiana. He attended Indiana University, graduating in 1995. He then attended Grace College and Theological Seminary and finally finished with his MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management. In his spare time he enjoys reading, politics, and playing chess.

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