Gail Masonodo Letter

A Note from Gail

Dear Game Changers Forum Organizing Committee and Guests,


A very wise poet writes that “If we don’t learn from our mistakes, they become regrets”.


Against the backdrop of my assignment to bring a conclusion to the “table talk” amongst the guests, I personally lost the plot.


This is my third year to participate at the Game Changers Forum and have always looked forward to the opportunity to share and listen to what’s happening in Indianapolis as it relates to the ongoing programs to help wounded and broken women and children of all backgrounds. The misstep was a first.


My personal reason for showing the video at the time was a simple one…to share the message that each individual matters. From my recollection of the song, the lyrics state over and over “My World Needs YOU Right Now”. That was the main message I was personally hoping to get across. No other agenda was involved. First learned lesson here would have been to have cleared the “video lyrical content” with the host and to have been more sensitive to those in attendance. My sincere apologies for that.


Bless God for the gift of “hindsight” and the tools of 20/20 vision….and the opportunity to reflect and hear. My intention was not to proselytize- my work takes me all around the world embracing difference and connecting people- I love all of you for who you are, regardless of how or whether you pray.


With love and hope,

Gail Masonodo

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