Dr. Chad Bauman, Butler University

Dr. Chad Bauman, Associate Professor and Chair, Philosophy and Religion, and the Classical Studies Program at Butler University, received funding for his research on Christianity and inter-religious violence in Sri Lanka. He also received funding for one student research assistant, Rebeccah Rendall.

Using the funds received from the DTC fellowship, Dr. Bauman was able to conduct a research trip to India in collaboration with an Indian Scholar, James, Ponniah. The initial and primary outcome of the research supported by the DTC Fellowship has been a co-authored book chapter entitled “Christian Responses to Repression in India and Sri Lanka: Religious Nationalism, Legal Restriction, and Violence,” which is appended below.

Bauman and Ponniah have also presented some of their finding in Rome for the Under Caesar’s Sword conference.

Read more about Dr. Bauman here.

“I am honored to be associated with the center, and with Tutu’s unsurpassed legacy.”

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