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Gautam Rao is an artist and Associate Professor of Art at Butler University. He seeks to create a space where people can come together in a peaceful, creatively designed space through social-practice sculpture. Rao, alongside a student researcher from Butler University, will create a pop-up meditation garden to be exhibited nationally, as well as on the campuses of Butler University and the Christian Theological Seminary. The goal of the project is to build social ties, create a greater sense of community, and to develop non-branded spaces where everyone can feel welcomed and empowered, where there is no entry fee, and no corporate agenda.

Rao will use the Tutu Fellowship award funds for artwork construction materials and exhibition. During the summer of 2016, Rao will begin construction of artwork and from August 2016-May 2017, the artwork will be exhibiting at the Martin Luther King Jr., Community Center (MLKCC), the Christian Theological Seminary (CTS), and Butler University. During this time Rao will also host workshops at the MLKCC and Butler University and will hold a presentation at CTS. Exhibits will also be held nationally.

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