The Desmond Tutu Center for Peace, Reconciliation, and Global Justice aims to bring about its vision of shaping the future by encouraging the formation of conscientious, responsible, and courageous citizenship. The Center relies on the generosity of its donors to continue providing its vital programs and services to the local and global communities it serves. We apprecaite your support.

Donor-Driven Major Initiatives

The center’s donor driven initiatives, Youth Fellow, Global Visionaries and Local/Global Exchange all exemplify the power of mentorship and fellowship. The Youth Fellows Program is an empowerment program for at-risk youth who will be given two life changing opportunities—one in South Africa and one in Indianapolis. Young Global Visionaries brings together a group of dynamic young people, who have demonstrated leadership in situations of injustice and conflict around the world, with an opportunity to reflect on their situation, and gain new strength to return more inspired and energized to bring about positive change where they live. Local/Global Exchange is an exchange of twenty students from Indianapolis and abroad to explore new strategies and catalyze effective interaction between organizations, program implementers, and decision makers in an effort to impact the discourse around peace-building and reconciliation.

For a full prospectus of the Center’s development program, or to discuss in person how you might contribute to the Center’s mission, contact our Managing Director, Waseema Ali (317.931.2341,

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