Books and Breakfast Presents: Angela Davis: An Autobiography

Join the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, the Desmond Tutu Center, and Butler University Political Science student for a book discussion about Race and Activism 

“The two women wait for the darkest part of night. Only then will they feel safe enough to leave the little house in Echo Park. Outside there may be men with guns or warrants–or both. When the dark is at its deepest, the two women step outside. One of them is Angela Davis. 

With this scene, a most remarkable woman opens her story.”

Angela Davis takes to the power of storytelling to recount her elusive and volatile past. Davis takes on a challenge that not only challenges her, but her readers as well. Davis’ autobiography is a “powerful and commanding story told with warmth, brilliance, humor and conviction.”

All are welcome to this book discussion hosted at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center. The discussion will include a large g4135SCQWFTLroup dialogue about key ideas in the book and how it relates to our Indianapolis community. This event is free and open to all; educational activities for children will be provided.

When: Saturday, April 2nd, 10am – 12pm

Where: MLKCC, 40 West 40th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208 

You can access the book through your local library (if available) or by purchasing the text. If you are unable to access a copy of the book, excerpts are available here.

Help your local community members by donating a book! The MLKCC accepts donations for the Books and Breakfast program to support program activities and access to books. Donate now.


Books and Breakfast is a Hands Up United Initiative

Guided by the Hands Up United Books and Breakfast Initiative, the MLKCC and DTC, with assistance from Butler University students, have created a free Saturday morning book club devoted to reading, dialogue, and community growth around important topics. Each month a new book and theme is introduced.

The goal of the program as facilitated by the MLKCC and DTC is to cultivate a space for community members to discuss issues around race, activism, justice, racism, revolution, etc. using captivating literature as the catalyst. By exposing the community to inspiring and invigorating books, the Books and Breakfast program hopes to ignite change in our local community. It is only with understanding, acceptance, and motivation from within that change in our community can begin to occur.

Enjoy a good breakfast, a good read, and a great opportunity to inspire change in our community.

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