Paige Feyock

Paige is a student at the International School in Indianapolis. She sits on the board for Coburn Place, a domestic violence shelter, and has volunteered for organizations including United Way of Central Indiana, Indy Reads Bookstore, the Julian Center, and the Ronald McDonald House. Her interests include educating the community about the social construction of race and the systemic oppression of people, particularly women of color.

Project idea: Paige’s project idea was inspired by the dim reality that in many parts of the world, women are raped while walking to work. To combat the likelihood of this phenomenon in Indy, Paige’s project has to do with launching a bike rental system for women as a means of providing a safer experience walking to work. In addition, she would develop a curriculum to teach youth about rape, going beyond just ‘good touch, bad touch,’ developing healthy sexual relationships, and what it means to truly understand when “no” means NO.

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