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Discovering Intersectionality on Local and Global Issues

Religion and Trans Lives in a Global Perspective

Engaging in dialogue with renowned scholars

Seminars are a way to engage in dialogue with renowned scholars on issues that are not very well understood, while presenting different perspectives. In 2016-2017, The Center for Faith and Vocation at Butler University in collaboration with the Desmond Tutu Center, will explore religion and translives in a global perspective. Now more than ever it is important for our community to have conversations that seek to value the lives, experiences, and voices of trans people, as well as understand the complexities of this topic. At the same time, religious communities often find themselves in the midst of this discussion, dealing with the complex issues surrounding gender identity, performance, and fluidity, all the while engaging with varying religious practices and interpretations of sacred texts, often within the same faith tradition and sometimes same congregation. Because faith communities are for so many an important place of self-understanding and expression, the intersection of trans lives and religion is an important key to gaining understanding.

Previous Seminars

Religion and Race in a Global Perspective

Religion and Race in the African American Experience

The tragic events of Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014 sparked a national conversation about race. In the following months, the #blacklivesmatter movement gained momentum as a rallying cry for justice as more tragic events unfolded across the country. Join us as we hear reflections on religion and racial justice from two noted religious scholars and activists. Read More

Religion and Race in Interfaith Culture

With countless episodes of conflict and violence between Jews, Muslims, and Christians making headlines around the world, what positive examples of mutual support and collaboration can model an alternative, hopeful vision? The Tri-Faith Initiative of Omaha, Nebraska, is a joint project of local Jewish, Muslim, and Christian congregations committed to dialogue and engagement. Join us as we hear from two religious leaders on their unifying work. Read More

Global Intersections of Religion, Race, and Culture

Religion’s role in international relations and politics is complex and multifarious, especially as religion intersects with racial and cultural identities. This seminar explores the complex real-world impacts of religion on global societies and international politics. Read More

Religion, Race, and Justice

How have faith communities in Indianapolis responded to the national conversations on race in recent years? How are these issues being played out in our city? For our final seminar of Religion, Race and Culture series, four local faith community leaders, scholars, and activists living in context and doing the work will discuss these broader questions. Read More

Religion and Reconciliation in a Global Perspective

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