Tutu Faculty and Student Fellowship Program

At the core of DTC programming is an objective to initiate and encourage vigorous scholarly engagement through research and exchange with individuals, institutions and networks. The Tutu Fellows program supports the training of researchers at Butler University and Christian Theological Seminary, many of whom are uniquely poised to make discoveries in global justice issues.

Every academic year, DTC provides funds for projects that align with the mission of the center. Each Tutu Fellow applicant provides a project summary, statement of alignment to the mission of the DTC, statement of significance of the project, timeline for conducting the project, metrics for gathering data and measuring success, as well as plans for disseminating the results. The DTC Faculty Advisory Committee, a committee comprised of ten esteemed faculty members from Butler University and the Christian Theological Seminary, review the proposals and provide award recommendations.

If you are interested in becoming a Tutu Fellow, we encourage you to apply during the next call for applications.

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