Meet Our 2016-2017 Youth Fellows

At the heart of the DTC is a simple, bold idea: to identify, train, sustain, and connect the next generation of emerging young leaders struggling for social justice and reconciliation around the world and right here in Indiana. In 2014, the Desmond Tutu Center received a gift from the Herbert Simon Family Foundation, allowing the Center to launch its Youth Fellows Initiative, an empowerment program for young emerging leaders from Central Indiana and South Africa.

The Youth Fellows Initiative is designed to support youth who want to change and challenge existing norms that prevent their community from achieving equality. We are pleased to introduce our 2016 Indianapolis Youth Fellows, the first group to participate in the 2016-2017 Youth Fellows Initiative. This group is made up of diverse, passionate individuals who, through their own experiences and values, have developed projects for social change. These projects will developed over the course of the program through meet-ups, workshops, mentorship, and an educational tour to Cape Town, South Africa in July. Learn more about our fellows by clicking on their name below.

Desmond Tutu Youth Fellow Profiles

  • Burgandie Duh

    Burgandie’s project is inspired by a loved one who has AIDS. She intends to conduct HIV/AIDS awareness events at her school to provide information facts, statistics, prevention, testing, and types of available assistance for those with HIV/AIDS.

  • Diana Posadas

    Diana is motivated her mother’s stories of the challenges for orphans with no homes or food. This inspires her to be a helping hand for orphans all over the world. 

  • Ghemaiya Bradley

    Ghemaiya’s project aims to work with young, African American women and girls in Indianapolis to teach them healthy self-respect, positive body image, and inspire them to be the best versions of themselves.

  • Izabella Spriggs

    Izabella lives in a neighborhood where dog-fighting is a widespread activity. She hopes to develop an initiative that provides education on responsible pet ownership and support to families who wish to provide safe and compassionate homes for their pets.

  • Jaina Cox

    Jaina believes that children are the future. She envisions a project that invests in the future through increasing education quality through access to resources.

  • Jamela Jafari

    Jamela’s goal is to develop and lead workshops about inequality (racial, gender, privilege/intersectionality) issues, empowering Indianapolis school youth to find their voice.

  • Kobe Bryant

     Kobe is passionate about equal educational opportunities for disenfranchised youth. He hopes to create opportunity through better education.

  • Paige Feyock

    Paige’s project idea was inspired by the dim reality that in many parts of the world, women are raped while walking to work. Paige intends to educate on the principle of “No” means NO and safety for women.  


  • Sierra Nuckols

    Recalling her childhood experience with food shortages and an inspired by an appreciation of sharing food with friends, family, and neighbors, Sierra plans to provide emergency food relief through her initiative, the Community Food Box Project.

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